January 23, 2022

Microsoft introduced the next generation game console Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X – World Premiere – 4K Trailer

Microsoft introduced the next generation game console Xbox Series X

Microsoft introduced the next generation game console Xbox Series X

How Sony will respond?

Microsoft presented the new Xbox Series X console, ahead of Sony in the development of next-generation gaming equipment. Xbox Series X Presented at The Game Awards Los Angeles Industry Awards Press Conference.

The gadget comes with a distinctive monolithic design that almost resembles a PC case, while at the same time the new wireless controller looks familiar to Xbox fans. The new Xbox can play old Xbox games and use old console accessories.

The Xbox Series X will ship with a new Bluetooth-compatible controller that includes a rechargeable battery that Microsoft says will last «up to 40 hours». It has a new button «Share this», allowing gamers to post screenshots and videos, as well as new «size and shape», suitable «an even wider range of people». Microsoft sells the controller separately for $ 179.99. This controller will ship with every Xbox Series X and will be compatible with the current Xbox One and PC, according to Microsoft..

Microsoft’s Xbox chief Phil Spencer said on his blog that it would be «the fastest and most powerful console in the world», capable of displaying images at up to 120fps with support for 8K video. The device will also feature improved graphics and a solid state drive, which Spencer claims, «virtually eliminates loading times».

In terms of games, Microsoft showed off a trailer «Hellblade 2», sequel to the original fantasy adventure game developed in the United States by game developer Ninja Theory. Sony also released a game trailer for a new game from American publisher Gearbox called «Godfall», which will be available with the next generation console.

Microsoft’s new game console was previously codenamed «Project scarlett». In June, the company announced that it would «four times» more powerful than the Xbox One X and will have more memory, higher resolution, and better graphics. Then Microsoft also unveiled its 2020 holiday schedule and announced that the console would be released alongside the latest game in the popular franchise. «Halo».

Microsoft hasn’t announced a pricing for the new device. This is an important detail that gamers will undoubtedly consider when deciding which console to choose in the end. The company said that Xbox Series X will be available for purchase during the holidays next year..

Sony has confirmed that its next console, the PlayStation 5, will also launch in 2020 for the holiday season. This system is expected to have faster download speeds, better graphics, and improved sound. What the PlayStation 5 looks like is still a mystery.